Web Design and SEO Should Work Hand-in-Hand

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Web Design and SEO Should Work Hand-in-Hand

The two aspects of web design and SEO are interlinked whether some may admit it or not. The design of a website has a huge effect on its ability to rank in search engines and this can be a problem for agencies where their teams are not working in cooperation with one another. Websites that are designed to be SEO-friendly can help prevent ranking problems in the future.

Take a look at a couple of tips to make sure that your web design is actually helpful to your brand’s search performance and not an obstacle to its efforts.

Identify Usability Aspects for Web Design and SEO

It is the job of search engines to give the most relevant results they can get their virtual hands on to users who inquire through their platforms. This approach provides search engines with the highest possibility for users to be satisfied and come back for more. More users mean more advertisers, and with more advertisers, profits.

What this entails for you is that the search engines will reward websites that provide their users with good experiences. They wouldn’t want to place websites in the first few pages of their results only to have users become disappointed with what the search engine came back with. A site that has bad usability will mean poor user experiences with a specific search engine, while good usability means satisfied users for both website and search platform.

That is why it is important for you to identify the aspects that can help improve the usability of your website and make changes right away. Addressing these points should mean not only providing good experiences for desktop users, but also for the growing mobile generation.

Ensure That Your Content is Designed to Be Discovered

Search engines will only be able to crawl and index the content you publish on your website if they can be found in the first place. Although search engines, such as Google and Bing, have complex mechanisms in place, they are still limited to links bringing content to them. If your website’s content doesn’t have the right links either by being broken or buried under a mound of irrelevant content, then your content simply won’t be discovered.

It should be your goal from a design point of view is to develop a website that is intuitive, while for your SEO, should be easily found by search engines by designing pages that way. The good thing about this is that web design and SEO objectives can work together well.

You can do so by prioritizing the content you most value higher up in the hierarchy of your website. Such content can be about the services or products you offer, with relevant keywords used and spread out well.

At Spartan Digital, we have helped many clients across various industries in designing and developing websites that have the best practices of Search Engine Optimization in mind. Our marketing strategies work hand-in-hand with our developers and designers to build websites that are search engine friendly.

If you’re interested in our web solutions, don’t hesitate to leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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