Tips on How to Maximize Using Google AdWords Express

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Tips on How to Maximize Using Google AdWords Express

Launched originally back in 2011, AdWords Express of AWE was intended to give small business owners an accessible way for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Google’s target market for this new technology was the numerous merchants who did not have the time or expertise to invest in an advanced campaign in AdWords.

In the early stages, a merchant will simply need to have a Google My Business (GMB) page to start here. Even users who did not own a website can start advertising their local business through the web so long as they have a GMB account.

Although simple, AdWords remains the more effective choice due to the many options, it provides to marketers. That is why AdWords Express users will have to make good judgment when using this technology to achieve a positive return.

Here are a few tips on how you can make the most out of your Google AdWords Express campaign.

Begin with a Small Budget

Starting with a small budget per month is probably the most important advice that you need to follow if this is your first time with AdWords Express. Having $300 or less would be ideal here. The platform is a lot simpler compared to the standard AdWords, but if you leave it unchecked, your budget can be quickly spent by Google through automated bidding, irrelevant search queries, and broad match keywords.

By keeping the investment low as a start, this will let you take into account how things affect your returns without it overwhelming your funds.

Connect Your Google AdWords Express and Analytics

For those that already have an account in Google Analytics, be sure to connect this with your AdWords Express. This will let users set their campaign goals in AWE which contribute to the overall business objectives in Google Analytics. Apart from that, it also gives a better view of your paid search campaign status with regards to the metrics that matter.

Understand What Quality Score Means

Although AWE promises the same benefits that AdWords provides without being complex, being knowledgeable with the latter can still go a long way in enhancing the performance of your campaign. One of the most important elements that users need to be aware of is the quality score.

This is a fundamental aspect of paid search marketing since it will help decide what you pay for every click and where the ads are going to appear in the search results. Being able to create a compelling ad is important. However Google wants to make sure that the user experience goes hand in hand with expectations when visitors arrive on the website. Quality score, ranging from 1 to 10, is the enduring metric which helps Google achieve this.

Turn Off Irrelevant Keywords

Google AdWords Express provides a very welcome option to turn off some of the suggested keywords provided by Google. This option makes a big difference since the initial list from Google is always going to contain some terms that are irrelevant. These keywords showing up can be costly for you, since consumers may click on the ad, which in turn would cost you money every time they do so.

Initially, you can take out these keywords that you know are irrelevant before you begin your campaign. You may want to do some testing first to see if these terms may relate to your products and services. If they perform poorly, it is best just to switch these off.

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