Using Solid SEO and Content for a Strong Brand Strategy Combo

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Using Solid SEO and Content for a Strong Brand Strategy Combo

Building brand visibility and ensuring that customers find your website is what search engine optimization (SEO) is all about. Having engaging content in a website is what will make them click and stay there. When combined effectively and smartly, content marketing and SEO can become an unbeatable two-punch combination of success for your brand strategy.

Since most of the buyer’s journey occurs through digital means, a lot of brands today must have content that is engaging and optimized to reach existing and potential customers. This can be achieved once marketers start optimizing for intent. If you combine content marketing and your SEO efforts into one, a lot of marketers can start influencing people whether they are still in the discovery phase or purchasing stage.

Although developing strong content optimization for search engines can take a lot of careful planning and time, here are five things that marketers can start doing to establish a strong foundation.

Define Your Audience

All things done by the brand must focus on their consumers – what products or services they offer, the experience and their marketing strategies. By defining your audience, marketers will be able to develop content that is both interesting and relevant. This would achieve two things: Nurture loyal followers and attain business objectives.

Your Content Brand Strategy Must Have a Purpose

Just as any company needs to have their own mission statement, any content that you publish must also have a purpose. Every content that you put out must have a reason for its existence. The purpose of content is to inform, educate, entertain, persuade or inspire generally. When developing your brand strategy, keep your purpose in mind as you incorporate the following:

  • It is the goal of content to become a valuable source of information and to tell stories that are memorable. Incorporate the pain points and interest of your customers in the content strategy and creation process.
  • Stay consistent with your content. The voice of your brand should copy the way customers speak, whether it is professional, conversational or edgy. The voice that you use should be consistent throughout all content.
  • Set up concrete goals with regards to your content. Whether you plan for your content to drive awareness, increase rankings or gain more organic search traffic, keep everything within the boundary.

Start Creating and Optimizing Your Content

Once you have nailed down who your target audience is and what purpose you have for content you plan to publish, the next thing to do is to start writing and optimizing content. You are doing this to gain maximum visibility for your marketing strategies. It is very important to optimize your content because people won’t be able to find and engage with it, no matter how great it may be.

Here are some tips when publishing content through your website:

  • Choose topics that are relevant. The content you put out must be customer-centered and not around your business or brand. The topics should be based on demographics, interests, and behaviors of your target audience.
  • Make use of the right keywords. Forget about corporate jargon. Use the words that people will actually use in search engines.
  • Optimize for mobile. This is very important especially with the mobile-first index of Google. If your brand fails to optimize for mobile devices, you will be getting 70% less traffic to your website.
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