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Calculate the ROI of Your SEO Strategy

When you own a small business and have never implemented an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, it can seem overwhelming and mysterious. The last thing you want to do is sink hundreds or thousands of dollars into hiring an SEO company to handle your digital marketing and not get any results from it…or even worse, have no clue if you’re getting results or not.

Putting your advertising budget to work in the right places and having a way to measure the results so you can adjust accordingly is a key component to growing your business.

How do I figure out how much my SEO strategy is making me?

We’ve built the perfect tool to help you figure out exactly how much revenue your SEO efforts are generating for your business…and it’s FREE! But, in order to get an accurate figure, you’ll need access to a couple of key figures.

1. Number of monthly web visitors

You should be able to get this number from your analytics reports, which you can find in your Google Analytics dashboard (if you manage it yourself) or if you have a web design company or SEO agency, they should be providing this to you on a monthly basis.

2. Website conversion rate

This number is pretty easy to figure out if you have access to your analytics reports. First, determine what a “conversion” means to you. If you have an e-commerce store, a conversion would be a customer purchase. If not, a conversion simply means someone filled out a contact form or called you. Figure out the percentage of website visitors that either purchased something, filled out a form or called you and that’s your conversion rate.

3. Your Conversion Rate

What percentage of those form submissions or phone calls do you convert into customers? If you got 100 form submissions and you converted 5 of them into clients, your Conversion Rate is 5% (but I know you’re doing better than that).

4. Value Per New Client

Every business is different, so the value of a new client is a very unique number for your business. If you’re a DWI attorney, a new client could be worth $10,000. If you’re a dentist, a new customer could be worth $300 or $3,000. It all depends on how you value your clients.

So, once you have all the numbers plugged in, our SEO Value Calculator will help determine how much revenue and profit your SEO strategy is generating for your small business.


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