Reasons Why Google Analytics is Essential for Websites

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Reasons Why Google Analytics is Essential for Websites

People who own a website should be using Google Analytics. There is no exception. This is because it is an essential and useful tool that can help website owners keep track of metrics that matter to them. Experts recommend setting this up for first time website owners to get the tracking system up and running.

So what makes it important?

Here are several reasons to start using Google Analytics today.

You Will Know What Visitors Do On Your Website

One of the biggest challenges for website owners is getting people to come but getting visitors to stay and return is another thing of equal importance. With Google Analytics, you get to monitor such data as well.

There is this section in the system labeled Behavior which offers data regarding which pages visitors visit first, how long they spend their time on that page and what links they click through (if any). Knowing this kind of information will help site owners know what strategies in their website are working and what are not.

You Learn How People are Finding Your Site

More than 1 billion websites are found online at this very moment and each one of these sites are looking to grab the attention in this saturated market. In order for a business site to do its duty, people will need to find it first.

There is an entire section in Google Analytics dedicated to giving users information how visitors are finding their website. The Acquisition section will let users track how many are landing on their site after clicking their link in search results, how many links are shared via social media, how effective are the paid ads and so on.

You Will Know Which Pages in Your Site are Frequented Often

Not all pages are created equal, and some of those in your website will always be frequented more than others. There are also pages that will keep viewers longer or bring in conversions more often than not.

Content that ranks high in your website or has been shared many times can be identified using Google Analytics. Similarly, pages that do well at bringing in visitors or converting them to customers will be tracked by this nifty tool and will let you know about it.

By being able to pinpoint which pages are working to achieve your goals, you will be able to weed out those that aren’t and make improvements moving forward.

You Have Access to Data on How and Who’s Visiting Your Website

Not all websites are intended to reach all of the people around the world. There are those that are specifically made to target a certain type of market that offers more value when obtained. With the help of Google Analytics, website owners will be able to leverage information on who’s visiting their website. Terms such as general interests, geography and demographics are provided here for studying later on.

To conclude, Google Analytics is a great tool to have for website owners today. In fact, the experts recommend making it one of the first things to connect with your new website as soon as you launch it. What makes Google Analytics excellent is that it provides people the site data they need to make improvements while also being free to use.

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