Local SEO Success Using Google My Maps

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Local SEO Success Using Google My Maps

An announcement from Google recently mentions that the search engine giant has upgraded the features of their Google My Maps prior to changing the classic Google Maps they have at this time.

This new My Maps will let people attach their own descriptions, images, details, and icons to the customized maps. It is also possible to share the New Google maps similar to how you’d share a Google Doc, which makes it easier to share info such as a backpacking route in Asia to an interested traveler.

The new upgrades to the My Maps have many obvious benefits. Whether you plan to go on a road trip in Europe or prepare a birthday club crawl or go on a hike with your buddies, there are many things the new features can offer. But have you given thought about how your own company can benefit from this new upgrade with regards to local search results?

The trick to doing this is quite simple. You can use Google My Maps to create an experience map that your customers will follow which then builds upon the experience they can obtain from your brand. There are many ways you can do this in a creative way, but here are a few examples to get you started:

  • Restaurants that focus on providing only locally harvested and organic ingredients can create a map of the nearby markets and farms that supply them with the produce they need.
  • Sporting goods stores can customize a map for all of the nearby sports venues and parks including their own store for people to purchase gear from.
  • Government offices with emergency services can create their own map which points out Red Cross centers, shelters, distribution facilities and hospitals that people can go to in case of emergency.

There are many possibilities with the new My Maps and the audience in your website will have fun exploring the new ways they can take advantage of your new product or service. But before you start to experiment with the new features, be sure that you have your local SEO updated with the tips provided below:

  • Ensure that you check local listings for consistency, accidental duplicates, and accuracy of data
  • Provide complete contact information on your website
  • Supply all required information in local page listings for business listings like Yelp
  • Utilize keywords which combine a product or service you offer together with your location (ex. Car services in Miami)

The way that people are using the web nowadays is changing. Users are now shifting to mobile devices, that is why it is important that you optimize your SEO now in order to reach those who are searching for products or services similar to what you offer while they are on the move.

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