Improve Your Site’s User Experience with These Tips

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Improve Your Site’s User Experience with These Tips

Websites have grown to become a more influential and powerful tool especially with today’s constantly changing landscape in marketing. Acting as your around-the-clock salesman, your site has the capability to become a very strong asset and the central point of all your marketing efforts.

But this fast pace in technology can make one’s website feel obsolete. Although a redesign might be suitable, it can be too costly financially or you may not have the time to commit yourself on this. Whichever the case, here are some useful tips on how you can enhance your website for better user experiences.

1. Utilize White Space Evenly

Let’s face it; white space is important when it comes to good web design. This type of space helps make website content a lot easier to read while also letting the user focus on elements that surround the text.

According to a study, white space found around titles and text actually improves the attention of users in a website by 20%. Aside from that, white space enhances the feel of the website making it more contemporary and fresh to look at. It also helps improve how you communicate to users. However, a downside to white space is that it takes up space on your website.

So if you are trying to get as much content as possible above the ‘fold’ or the part of the site that is instantly visible upon getting there, then you’ll need to make use of this white space evenly. Finding the balance between crucial information and the use of white space can spell success to your website.

2. Improve Your Website Load Speed

Many users get frustrated at websites that take a while to load. We’ve all been there, and with the rise of mobile browsing, people are now browsing on various platforms and at any time of the day. Users expect websites to load fast and give them the content they’re looking for immediately. If they don’t get it, they usually leave and check out a competitor.

So what can you do here? The first thing that you do is to get your website speed score. Google provides a free service so you can identify your page speed together with some suggestions that you can take to improve it.

3. Level Up Your Calls to Action

Customers are already used to going through visual cues that helps them identify which content they need. However, calls to actions that incorporate an action word will let them navigate your site a lot easier and go to where they want.

When you create buttons for your website, consider the color and the psychology that comes with it when you’re trying to sell something to your users. It is important that you test various colors and action messages to find which one will best evoke emotion and action among your website visitors.

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