Content Marketing Remains the Top Long Term Marketing Strategy

//Content Marketing Remains the Top Long Term Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Remains the Top Long Term Marketing Strategy

There are a lot of advertising and marketing strategy options that became obsolete because of being based on short term goals. A good example is a direct mail campaign which would be able to convert several recipients, but after being sent out, majority of the batch will be of no use anymore and the design scrapped. Another example is a billboard ad which could bring in some nice sales for a few months but people will eventually grow tired of its design and the ad itself.

Although nothing’s wrong with these strategies, it’s just that you could be doing more in terms of success for longer if you applied a strategy that has more staying power. This is where a content marketing strategy comes in.

If you aren’t aware yet, content influences nearly all things in an online strategy. Interested? Here are a few reasons why:

  • Content enables SEO and gives it more ‘real estate’ in the web while improving a website’s authority.
  • A social media marketing campaign will be provided its source material with content.
  • Content also drives email signups which could then be used for a follow-up email marketing campaign.
  • It also helps you develop relationship with other brands in your industry.
  • Content is known to influence conversions as long as we assume their calls- to-action are well-placed and well-written.

Quality Content Can Last a Long Time

Also called ‘evergreen’ content since it has the ability to not lose trend in the long term, such content are important because they can attract visitors to a website while staying relevant for many years. A good example here is an article that provides tips on how they can communicate better or getting general travel advice.

Although new elements such as technologies can change over the years, the gist of the message from these articles will remain relevant for a long time.

Each Written Piece Remains as Permanent Real Estate

Unless the article is taken down or the URL has changed, each piece that is published will turn to crucial real estate that stays in the web. Any guest posts that you have made are under the control of editors, so there’s less influence there. For most articles, each new URL that you publish will be another one that Google can index and thus improve your site’s ranking.

Content Will Always Be Needed

Even if new trends and technologies come in to change the landscape in marketing, the content that people put out will evolve with it. Even though video has started to become more popular compared to written content, it still won’t fade into obscurity no matter what. Content is always going to stay relevant and the only things that could change with it would be the way it is accessed and produced.

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