3 Reasons That Determine Why Content Marketing is King

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3 Reasons That Determine Why Content Marketing is King

The concept of content marketing is not something new in the world of digital marketing. But at this time, using it well is more important than ever. Content is still king and it continues to work its way to the forefront of all digital content strategies. It has become a crucial element that reaps major rewards to those who pursue it.

With that said, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to marketing content. Rather, one will be able to get the crown if they choose to focus on creating high quality, unique and relevant content that is useful, interesting and entertaining to its consumers. Whatever the preferred medium for content, from text to podcasts, making sure that it is relevant and shareable to your industry is crucial.

So, what are the reasons that determine why content is king?

Content Marketing is Amazing for SEO

Quality content writing on a brand’s onsite blog has a major impact on SEO and ranking for two reasons.

First, publishing unique content with 300-500 words, with internal links directing to relevant content and keywords that are naturally placed can help a site rank organically for relevant search keywords and terms. With a higher ranking, this ultimately exposes the company to more digital consumers searching for the same content.

Second, following a consistent content strategy creates authority for your brand. Meanwhile, it also opens up many opportunities to develop a highlight back link profile.

It Encourages Engagement

Putting out great content, whether in the form of a social media update or a blog post, will encourage users to engage with your brand. If the content is particularly amazing, readers will pause to consume it, understand your message and maybe even comment, like or share it to others. To even further encourage engagement and nurture a relationship with your consumers, make sure all content strategy is pushed out through social media channels for easy sharing.

You Will Generate New Leads and Sales

Having a good content writing strategy in place will create brand awareness and authority. This will open up the potential to generate new leads. It will also improve sales as more consumers will be exposed to your brand. Good content is identified by being less “salesy” than an advertorial. This gives consumers the opportunity to engage with a brand without being disturbed by blatant sales messages.

There are many more reasons why content is king, but we’ll be saving them for next time. If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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