The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

//The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Not long ago, web design was specifically made for laptop or desktop viewing only. With the rapid growth of the digital age, a lot of these sites have become outdated and hard to access through mobile devices. Many users were frustrated. Developers started to build sites that were easier to use and were made specifically for mobile users. Although these mobile websites were a step in the right direction, an even better solution was coming.

Responsive web design helped pave the way to advance mobile Internet use by letting sites automatically adjust to fit any screen size. A responsive website works seamlessly on any mobile device, laptop, tablet or desktop and is made to adjust to the needs of the user.

If you haven’t upgraded your site yet, take a look at the advantages of doing so below:

Get Improved Traffic

The latest data from researchers suggest that about 60% of online usage is done via mobile devices nowadays. A website that is responsive will help improve traffic to your site dramatically. People who love using their mobile devices will most likely flock to sites that are designed for mobile users. Nobody wants to browse a site that is only compatible for desktop.

Consistency Throughout Devices

People would usually access the same site from multiple devices. A good example is that a potential customer might start their search through a mobile phone and then switch to desktop to finish a purchase. If a site isn’t responsive, it may turn out completely different on these two types of devices. Usually, the mobile versions of desktop sites have substandard features and a different look which can lead to confusion.

With a responsive website, the guesswork will be eliminated. Your pages will appear the same on any device a person uses when browsing your site.

One Site to Create and Update

With responsive web design, you have the freedom to develop and update just one website instead of spending time modifying multiple versions of the same one. This will improve your web development efficiency and ensures a consistent experience for your brand. Using a single HTML would also decrease the amount of time that is spent on future updates to the website while also providing greater control over your brand.

A Web Design That Suits SEO

Back in 2015, Google announced its algorithm update to prioritize websites that are mobile-friendly. These responsive sites would rank higher with the new algorithm. It will propel them on top of a user’s search engine results. Many people think that having a mobile version of a desktop site would be enough. However, a mobile version can still hold you back since it requires search engines to index and crawl two sites instead of just one.

Spending your time and money in having a responsive web design will surely pay off exponentially in the future. You will be among the companies that harness and take advantage of the power of the mobile revolution thanks to your responsive web design.

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