These 8 Trends in SEO Will Prosper in 2018

//These 8 Trends in SEO Will Prosper in 2018

These 8 Trends in SEO Will Prosper in 2018

People who work as a Search Engine Optimization expert can confirm that there are always changes happening in the SEO industry. Those top keywords that you saw a month ago? They may be overused trends in SEO today. There are also constantly made upgrades to the search engines these days that can change a once top yielding strategy into one that needs to be scrapped.

In order for an SEO strategy to remain competitive, these experts need to research and follow the newest trends. Not only will it let them keep up with their competition, but it also helps them synchronize their other tactics for traffic. Here are the top strategies SEO specialists believe will prosper for this year 2018.

1. Voice Search Keyword Optimization

There is a big difference between how we type words when we search compared to speaking it through voice request to digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Bixby. When using voice search, we all tend to use longer phrases compared to the shortened keywords when we type. That is why in 2018, using long-tail keywords will be more important. Aside from that, the keywords will have to be as close to the natural language that a user will have with regards to their tone and word usage.

2. Image and Video Focused Search Engine Optimization

The popular search engines today are working on developing their search engines to give their users a more visually-focused experience. A lot of users are preferring to search visually, and we are now moving past text when it comes to finding products and services. That is why there are SEO specialists today that have started optimizing their content to be more focused on visually engaging users effectively.

3. Once Again, Mobile First

The top methods of people that are connecting to the web right now are through mobile devices, despite the fact that search engines still index desktop. This year may be the year where all these would change, and that mobile will take priority when indexed.

Once Google has switched to a more mobile-focused search engine, the results pages will take preference to sites that have upgraded their websites to be more mobile friendly. Local businesses that want to attract mobile users in their area will want to take part in this.

4. Build Quality Links

Several years ago, people can get away with getting high rankings simply by stuffing their websites with backlinks to sites that have low authority. This is no longer the case nowadays. Having even a single link that directs to a high authority website will be more favorable in Google’s eyes compared to a dozen low authority backlinks.

5. Enhance the User Experience or UX

The main focus of Google right now is to reward websites that provide their visitors with amazing user experiences. This means that the site must load fast, content is of good quality, is easy to navigate and is friendly to mobile devices. If your visitors tend to go to your website and leave in just a few seconds, Google will think that the UX of your website is not enough to hold their attention. That is why it is important that you focus on having a good UX before it’s too late.

6. Publish High-Quality Content

Content is still the king, and there’s reason for that. Having a high keyword density is not enough as Google will search for websites that provide quality content. This can be done by the algorithm that the search engine giant possesses, which is able to discern quality content from those that readers will pass up to read.

7. Go Above and Beyond Google with SEO

This party websites like Yelp and Amazon are starting to become their own powerful search engines that provide opportunities to rank when it comes to connecting with the right audience. Although Google still sits at the top, it would do you well to invest in performing these trends in SEO on other platforms as well to increase audience capture.

8. Improved Local Trends in SEO

It is now possible to start targeting users who are in very close proximity to you. They might be a mile away or even a block away. You can start doing so by using ‘hyperlocal’ keywords that are targeted towards the audience you’re looking for.


These are the eight trends that SEO experts will start using today. Wondering how you can apply these trends to your website? Contact Spartan Digital now to learn how we can help you!

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