4 Web Design Tips for 2018

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4 Web Design Tips for 2018

Organic search performance and web design are mutually linked, as each has an obvious effect on how well a site ranks for relevant terms. For companies that have isolated teams where their marketing and design don’t work together closely, this can be a problem.

Take a look below at four web design tips you can be sure your site is helping your SEO efforts today.

Be Aware of Your Usability Factors

It is the goal of search engines to give the best results they can find to the users who search using their platforms. This ensures customer satisfaction and keeps them coming back for more. And more users mean more advertisers which would then equal to more profits.

This means that search engines practically reward sites that provide a great experience for their users. Having poor usability would translate to a bad user experience while a good one means better experiences. You will want to focus on giving users a good experience when visiting your website so that search engines will reward you with a higher site ranking.

Plan for Easy Content Discovery

For your content to be searchable by the search engines, it needs to be easily found first of all. If you have links that lead to inexistent content or are buried in a pile of broken links, then this makes your content undiscoverable and will make it impossible for search engines to rank your site’s pages.

That is why your web design team should have a goal to build a website that has an architecture that is intuitive for users when they engage with it. On the other hand, the SEO perspective of the site should also be easily “crawlable” and with internal links distributed diligently to achieve the best results.

Always Go with High-Quality Content

The content that you put out on your site is what informs search engines what a page is all about. Before, people simply had to stuff a page with keywords to get the rankings they’re looking for. The SEO of today requires high-quality content.

For you to create the content that can be labeled as high quality, you will need to start planning even before the design or redesign phase of your site happens. Think about the purpose of each page and what they will serve as for the site. Ask yourself these questions, “What are users looking for in terms of topics?” and “What types of content would be able to convey the company’s message effectively?”

The answers that you get to these questions would help you prepare for the design of your site so that it accommodates the content you’re looking for.

By following these simple steps on how you can improve your website’s design in the future, you not only help give users a better experience, this would also result in a better standing with search engines. When you’re in the good light of search engines, you can only expect higher rankings for your pages and your website overall.

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