4 Social Media Marketing Trends to Prepare for in 2018

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4 Social Media Marketing Trends to Prepare for in 2018

One of the fastest changing and most exciting industries today is social media, thanks to the latest technologies and old ideas that are gaining viral popularity. These networks also provide great opportunities for companies to increase their exposure and interact with their followers in many ways.

Take a look at our top predictions for social media marketing trends we foresee on 2018’s radar to help you prepare your brand and get the results you want in the following year.

1. Social Messaging App Revolution

The social messaging apps today are continuing to gain popularity, and in 2018, it is predicted to overtake social networking as the preferred platform. This isn’t a surprise, considering that these apps are already being used daily by four billion users around the world. Eventually, it is also predicted that social messaging is going to become a part of online interactions, with approximately two billion users being a message through over-the-top (OTT) apps by the year 2018.

So what makes social messaging apps so special? The appeal that this have over social networking is that it lets users connect with one another instantly and in real-time. As a matter of fact, about 62% of the millennials today are more loyal to the brands that engage with them through these channels. We all want that personal touch, collaboration, and transparency that this one-on-one communication allows.

2. Live Videos

It is also no surprise to see that live videos are continuing to dominate the social media platforms, satisfying the entertainment and information needs through an easily digestible snippet. That is why in 2018, you should expect to see a continued shift towards live video content.

A growing number of users are after the authentic content which captures those unfiltered and real moments which social media channels provide perfectly. Allowing users to comment, like, share and connect with just a tap of a button makes it even better.

3. Augmented Reality for Social Media Marketing

Although a relatively old technology, it has started to go viral thanks to a major boost from social media itself. It all began in 2016 with the Snapchat selfie lenses that brought the idea of augmented reality back into the limelight. Digital marketers also didn’t have to wait long for their competitors in the social sphere to catch up by providing their own facial filters.

At its current rate, virtual reality is starting to be the medium to look out for. Although there is still a lot of room to expand this concept in 2018, we can still predict many social media platforms to jump on the AR bandwagon soon.

4. Rise of the Chatbots

Although listed numerous times as one of the social media marketing trends to look out for in 2017, there is still no sign of this slowing down as we move to the year 2018. With several social media platforms introducing these integrated bots to assist in customer service, artificial intelligence is continuing to help brands optimize the services they offer.

One of these is Facebook, which has already integrated chatbots with their Facebook Messenger. Businesses are now using these bots to communicate with their customers as well, answering frequently asked questions and then providing immediate and accurate information on their products and services.

Do you plan to add any of these social media trends to your digital marketing strategy in 2018? If your business wants to get a boost in its marketing efforts moving into the new year, give Spartan Digital a call. We provide the social media marketing services that you need to create a memorable brand presence through all social media platforms.

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