3 Simple Questions to Ask When Choosing a Web Design Firm

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3 Simple Questions to Ask When Choosing a Web Design Firm

When you meet a web design company for the first time in the hopes of acquiring their services, you should look at this as your first interview with them. Ensuring that the business is legitimate and getting a sense of their culture and personality are some of the crucial things you need to take into account. Among these, you will also have to understand the approach they wish to take when dealing with unique challenges in handling your project.

To make sure that you get the best web design firm for your needs, these 3 easy questions will give you all of the information you need in just 5 minutes of conversation.

Question #1: Ask About Their Approach to Usability

This should be the first question to ask a web design firm before anything else. Asking this will let you differentiate immediately between novice web designers to those that are experienced. Asking about how they approach usability will also let you know the focus of a company – with the most important in mind being the visitor.

Companies that are unable to provide a suitable answer to this may create a website that is ideal for either you or them, but that visitors would find it hard to use. You will want to look for a web design company that puts the user first above anything else.

Question #2: Ask About Samples of Projects with Goals Similar to Your Own

Ask the web design company you are negotiating with about sites that offer similar goals and features to what you are looking for.

Are you after an event management tool? Contact people who are able to show you one that they did before. In this manner, you will be able to ask why they created it in a certain way, the types of challenges they faced are, what were the results and how were these results able to meet the goals of the project.

Question #3: Ask If You Can Request Changes Later

Among the most important differences among the web design firms today is how they look at ongoing changes.

Websites change as time goes by. There are some companies that would charge an hourly basis for the changes you request, while there are also those that set up a content management system that makes this quick, easy and free to make changes on your own.

But even if the website comes with a content management system included, there are still some changes that will require the expertise of a professional designer or programmer. That is why you should ask your potential web design company if the system will let you change animations, add new forms and create new kinds of page layouts.

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