3 SEO Blog Mistakes to Avoid

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3 SEO Blog Mistakes to Avoid

There has been a dramatic change in the landscape of digital marketing in the past 20 years or so. And between the waves of wrong information going about in the digital marketing sphere and the ever-changing Google algorithm, it is no wonder many can easily lose sight of the basic practices when applying SEO for blogs.

All of us understand that there are golden rules and secrets in SEO. But why are we usually failing to make the most out of these? Let us take a look at the 3 SEO blog mistakes that are easy to miss and should be avoided at all cost.

Your Keyword Structures are Unoptimized

Although there has been a rise in machine learning technology and semantic search recently, your keyword research should still take priority when you prepare your content marketing campaign. All of your website’s content should have a central theme. Keywords and topics should be related to your business objectives.

The keywords that we meticulously search for works as the bridge between the intent of users and informational content. With content that is keyword-optimized, you will be positioning your blog pages to rank better organically. Aside from that, this will bring in impressions for target searches in your site, effectively making your blog’s content a lead generator.

For the blogs that are on-site, informational long-tail keyword phrases should be the focus here. The common examples for these would include question phrases starting with what, how and when.

You are Inconsistent with Your Internal Links

Perhaps one aspect that is often overlooked in search engine optimization is internal linking. You may be surprised to know that there are SEO agencies out there that even have issues with their internal links!

There are several functions that you can get when you do internal linking for SEO right:

  • It will create paths for your users to navigate your site
  • Opens up search engine crawling into deep linked web pages while improving crawl rate
  • Defines the site architecture and the most important pages in your site to search engines
  • Distributes link authority in your website

Although backlinks are still important for search engine ranking, they can be enhanced with the help of strategic internal links.

You Publish Poor SEO Blog Content

The golden rule for content is to write for readers first and then search engines second. Keep your content light and don’t try to show off your knowledge with too much jargon. Be sure that the content you publish can be understood at an eighth-grade reading level.

Aside from being a marketing tactic, your content marketing is also an exercise in your branding. Publishing content consistently will establish the ethos of your brand while building your voice as an author. This would result in establishing yourself as an authority within your niche or industry.

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