3 Predicted Trends in Social Media for 2018

//3 Predicted Trends in Social Media for 2018

3 Predicted Trends in Social Media for 2018

A lot of brands are looking to find new ways on how they can connect with their audiences through the vast array of social media platforms available today. For them, it is becoming a lot harder to grab the attention of their audience especially as competition grows.

So how can a brand start creating ideas that can work for them through social media? Take a look at these key trends in social media that we think will make the biggest waves on strategies this year 2018.

Chatbots Will Enhance Customer Service

The chatbots that we know of are not the clunky and robotic machines that they were once before. They are now bots that can provide a direct connection with customers around the globe – fixing issues and answering questions. There have been many brands that have started using chatbots in the previous year.

According to a report, about 20% of business content will be generated by machines this year. If these bots can be taught how to generate stories which are relatable and genuine, this is definitely a marketing and advertising potential that is worth checking out.

Augmented Reality Will Rise

The use of AR or augmented reality through mobile devices can give an engaging way and niche that marketers can use to reach their audience. Apple will be launching its iPhone 8 and iPhone X soon which would provide its users with new experiences in this field. Snapchat has already rolled out its recent AR feature which let users project their images or themselves into the real world through the camera of the app.

In similar fashion, brands can start projecting their own products through homes via special filters. As an example, IKEA has launched an app that will let users preview their furniture at their homes before they can buy them. This is an amazing way for brands to improve conversions by showing customers how their items will look when placed at their homes even before buying.

Video Will Continue to Grow

In our mobile-device culture of today, video has become the primary consumption of many people. In last year alone, 90% of all content that is shared by users through social media has been in the form of video. The biggest challenge here is being able to capture the attention of people in the first 3 seconds.

Sooner or later, the majority of the content we will be going through is going to be in video form. That is why brands are advised to make sure their video content is of high quality and engaging to users. It is best that you start researching into what exactly your target audience wants and see how different content will work with them.

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